Grow Your Client Base: Transformative Web Design, Targeted Local Ads, and Compelling Content Awaits!

In today’s digital-first landscape, establishing a strong online presence is more crucial than ever for local small businesses aiming to thrive. Our comprehensive Business Acceleration Package is meticulously designed to address this need, integrating transformative web design, targeted Google Local Services ads, and compelling blog content marketing into a singular, powerful solution.

By harmonizing these three key services, we not only enhance your visual and digital footprint but also ensure you connect with your target audience more effectively and efficiently.

From elevating your website’s user experience to dominating local search results and engaging potential customers with meaningful content, our package is tailored to unlock new growth opportunities and drive more customers to your business.

Let’s transform your online presence and set your business on a path to visible and sustainable growth.


What’s all included?

We start with initial tasks to optimize your website, then perform ongoing tasks to increase your online visibility over time…

Initial Tasks

Website Design

If you do not have a website already, a full website design is included in this package! If you already have a website, a full analysis of the website will be performed and improvements made to ensure it is ready to perform at its best!

Google Business Profile

Next up, if you do not have a Google Business Profile, one will be created for you! If you already have one, it will be optimized and checked for accuracy of information.

Ongoing Tasks

These tasks are performed ongoing each month the package is active.

Content Marketing

Web Canvas will custom write and publish one blog each month on your website. These blogs will focus on topics within your industry and the search keywords we are targeting. By creating content that is useful to visitors, this helps your search engine rankings tremendously over time.

Ad Creation & Management

To see results as fast as possible, a paid ad is a must. Web Canvas creates and manages your Google Local Services Ad Campaign for you. Web Canvas will discuss your budget and make sure it is a right fit. And the best part? You only get charged when a viewer actually clicks on your ad!

Free Graphic Design

Elevate your marketing materials with our graphic design service. Each month, you get access to one free custom graphic design, perfect for social media, your website, or promotional materials. This allows you to consistently refresh your visual content, keeping your brand vibrant and engaging.

Website Updating

The internet is dynamic, and so is your business. Our website updating and content management services ensure your site stays current, relevant, and engaging. From updating your site with the latest information about your products or services to adding fresh blog posts, Web Canvas handles it all, keeping your content fresh and engaging.

Website Hosting Included

Secure and reliable hosting is the foundation of a successful online presence. Our hosting solution ensures your website is always accessible, fast-loading, and ready to welcome visitors, providing a seamless experience that reflects the professionalism of your business.


Don't be left in the dark! Web Canvas provides one report each month outlining the progress that has been made on your target keywords, blog posts, and more! Web Canvas is also available for video calls to keep you in the loop!


Success Stories

Web Canvas has been and continues to be a great partner in the development of our proprietary construction management software. I will be gladly recommending Mike and his team to my customers and business associates.

Tom R. via Google

Mike was instrumental in getting our book's webpage up and running. He came up with good initial concepts, and was receptive to feedback to tailor it to our needs. I'd recommend Mike for your digital asset needs.

Ray H. via Google

Web Canvas designed tee signs and other signage for our golf event. Not only were the designs exactly what we were looking for, but everything was done in a timely manner. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

Jaden G. via Google

Mike has created not only 1 of our businesses websites, but all 3! With our simple ideas and concepts he puts together creative web pages that aid in us securing clients. Always willing to help and has excellent communication. Very grateful for all his help!

Willow K. via Google

It has been a pleasure working with Mike in creating my website and logo! He has had great patience with me! Learning through his videos on how to edit is so thorough and so easy! Happy to have his technical support and knowledge!!

Gianna G. via Google

Mike at Web Canvas was a pleasure to work with. He was very accommodating and is still answering my questions even after he has completed the project. Wonderful customer service and quality work. I would highly recommend him to any small business looking to get started online.

Timothy K. via Google

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any long-term contracts required?

Our services are available on a month-to-month basis. We believe in earning your business with exceptional service and results, not binding contracts.

How long does it generally take to see results?

Since every client is different, Web Canvas cannot say exactly when results will be seen. It is estimated that you will see results from the program within 3 months. This estimate may vary.

How much of a say do I have in the design of the website?

A lot! Your input and feedback are crucial to this process. We send a preview of the website to you that you may review before the website is posted. We can then make any edits you would like to the site’s design.

What kind of support can I expect?

Web Canvas is available via email or scheduled video or phone call to answer any questions that may arise.

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